We bring to you wildlife tours that you can cherish and experience. To see & capture wildlife in all its glory & majesty is a joy unmatched.

Come embark on this adventure of a lifetime with me as we go in search of creating awesome frames.

About Mentor

Deepak Shankar is a talented wildlife photographer who has captured some of the most breathtaking images of African and Indian wildlife.
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Stay close to action

Choosing a place to stay on a safari in Kenya is almost as important as the national park or game reserve. We have got that covered.

Learn on field

Learn photography on the field and come back with stunning images

Unique Experience

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway

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We cater to all kinds of dietary requirements

Best drivers and cruisers

Private 4×4 Land Cruiser throughout the course of your safari


Plan your next holiday with these awesome photo tours coming up soon.

Mesmerising Kanha

05 - 08 December, 2024

Kanha Junge Camp

6 Safari's

INR 54000/- Ex Kanha

Maasai Mara

11 - 16 May, 2024

Stay at a boutique property

Fly Charter, Nairobi - Mara - Nairobi

$2400 PP Ex-Nairobi

Maasai Mara

17 - 22 May, 2024

Stay inside Maasai Mara Game Reserve

Fly Charter, Nairobi - Mara - Nairobi

$2700 PP Ex-Nairobi

The Great Migration - Maasai Mara

19 - 24 May, 2024

Stay inside Maasai Mara Game Reserve

Fly Charter, Nairobi - Mara - Nairobi

$3700 PP Ex-Nairobi

The Great Migration - Maasai Mara

12 - 17 August 2024

Stay Inside the Mara General Reserve

Fly Charter, Nairobi - Mara - Nairobi

$3700 PP Ex- Nairobi


African Wildlife is a treasure and unearthing it is an exciting journey

A visit to Africa to see & capture Wildlife in all its glory & majesty is a joy unmatched. We bring to you Kenya Wildlife photo tours to cherish the experience of Africa`s Fauna with us.

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There are many reasons to choose us for your next photo tour. Here are just a few

Skilled Photographers and Guides

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides are not only skilled photographers but also experts on the locations and wildlife you will encounter on your tour. They will help you to get the most out of your experience and capture stunning images.

Environmentally and Socially responsible

We are dedicated to providing a high-quality experience and to ensuring that our tours are environmentally and socially responsible. We are committed to leaving a positive impact on the communities and ecosystems we visit.

Small Group Sizes

Our small group sizes ensure that you will get personalized attention and guidance from your guide, and will have ample opportunities to capture beautiful photos without feeling crowded or rushed.

Tailored Tours

We offer competitive pricing and customizable options, so you can tailor your tour to fit your budget and interests.


Take a look at some award-winning photos from previous journeys. Read testimonials from our new & regular clients.

The Flying Hunt

This image has won many awards and has been featured internationally and locally and the best of the lot has been the Nat Geo feature.

The world belongs to him

The alpha male does what others fail to do. He reminds himself that he is the alpha, and second to none.



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